Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Going Back to Disney!

We did it! We finally decided that we couldn't go a year without visiting the World! Yah! So, Sept. 20-27 we are going to Disney, staying at Port Orleans French Quarter...our favorite resort. We will be there for free dining, homeschool days and for Sara Beth's birthday! I already have ideas of the clothing I need to make! A definite birthday outfit for her! Something with Mickey and Minnie in a birthday celebration! So exciting!

We are still working on school as working full time these past 2 months has really put us behind. That will be ending soon and we plan on catching up by end of July and having August and some of Sept off. Sara Beth is finishing up 1st grade and Ashley is finishing up 9th. Hopefully, next year we will be more on schedule and have more time for homeschool group activities!