Monday, August 16, 2010

What ya Eating?

We try to make a menu for the whole week in our house. Not only does this make grocery shopping easier, but helps us eat healthier than picking up some last minute junk. I do a schedule for the whole week starting with Monday. I picked up a dry erase board that has the days of the weeks on it. Saves paper! You may notice little letters on the right side...I try to note if we are having beef, fish or chicken for each night.

So this week our plan is to eat more chicken than beef and eat lots of fruit.

Monday is chicken fajitas. I make my own spice mix and use all fresh ingredients. It is a quick and easy dinner. No sides, but there is a fruit in the fridge if someone is still hungry!

Tuesday: Steamed tilapia! YUMM! I got a neat steamer from Harris Teeter one year for free and love it. It is a wok and steamer in one. I make a bullion and steam the tilapia on cabbage leaves. We will also have steamed broccoli and cous cous with it. Still working on getting the cous cous tasty. No one liked it plain.

Wednesday: Chicken Kabobs! I found a great marinade on We have pineapple, tomato, onion and green pepper on the kabobs too. The only side with the kabobs is rice. This week we have switched to non-instant rice.

Thursday: Dh and I are going out to Outback because we have a really good coupon and we don't want to waste it. We also have one night out a week. Since Outback is too expensive for the whole family, the kids will get some fast food. Either McDonald's or something else they like.

Friday: My stay home day! Been itching for some homemade sauce(gravy for those of you who are true Italians!) So, I will make a batch of sauce from scratch using tomatoes, spices, pork bones. We will have chicken sausage and meatballs made with grass fed beef to accompany the spaghetti. I may pick up a baguette to make garlic bread.

Saturday: An easy night: Grilled chicken sandwiches with onion rings. I am cheating here and not making fresh onion rings. i will also make a fruit salad probably with pineapple, watermelon, strawberries and grapes!

Sunday: Whole wheat pancakes with chicken apple sausage! Slices of fruit on the side with some reddi whip!

See anything you think you might like? Let me know and I can email you the recipe!