Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My brother is getting married.

So, my younger brother...okay they are all younger...is getting married. I believe it will be a big wedding. The other 2 had been married through the justice o the peace and are now divorced.

Anyhoo, his wedding is in less than 2 months. I haven't received an invitation to the wedding or the rehearsal dinner. In fact, I am the only sibling on both sides not in the wedding! My little one isn't the flower girl and I am the only one with children of flower girl age. My mom hasn't even been told what type of dress to wear.

I have emailed him twice and no response yet. I would call, but I don't have long distance. This is frustrating. He told me he really wants me to be there...well, I need to know where and when! Would be nice. Our family is going to Disney two weeks before the wedding. Our little one's birthday is a week before the wedding. There is alot going on that month.

I would assume I am going to the rehearsal dinner since I am a sibling. Ugghhh...I am just so frustrated!

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Jill said...

:-( I hope he gets you the information in time! :-(