Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Moved to Virginia

So, although Oregon was beautiful, things did not work out and we had to move again. We moved back across the country, this time settling in Charlottesville, VA. Now, if we had moved here first, before Oregon, I would comment on how big the mountains look. But, they look like hills to me after living in a place surrounded by volcanoes! Although they do not look big, they are beautiful! Love the blue ridge!

Driving back across the country wasn't as fun as the first time. Brian and I drove (well, I drove, he rode along) across the country without the kids in a penske truck while pulling the car! Wasn't too bad until the wind decided to act up. YUP! Try handing a truck in 40+ winds. Well, after 2 days of that the rest of the trip was a breeze!

The kids flew to grandmas to await our arrival. Sara Beth loved the plane. It was her first time and only Ashley's second time. The flights went well and the they enjoyed it. Sara Beth liked looking at the clouds. She slept most of the trip as we took a red eye flight.

We have found some other homeschoolers already and we are trying to dive right in. We have a park day on Wednesday and a bowling day on Tuesday. I try to get everything done but I still feel a little overwhelmed. Hopefully soon things will calm down and I can get some sewing done!

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